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Abdolreza Ghanbari

Name: Abdolreza Ghanbari Occupation: Persian Literature Teacher Date of Imprisonment: December 27, 2009 Charge: Moharebeh (“Enmity Towards God”) Through Participation in the Street Gatherings on Ashura Day and Contact with Enemy Groups Sentence: Death, as of September 2013 – Ghanbari’s Death Sentence has Reportedly Been Commuted to 10 Years Imprisonment. He was released in March 2016.
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Statement by the President on Ukraine

The President:  Good afternoon, everybody.  Before Jay takes some of your questions, I wanted to provide a brief update on our efforts to address the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Since the Russian intervention, we’ve been mobilizing the international community to condemn this violation of international law and to support the people and government of Ukraine. ...
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Ayatollah Mohammad Hossein Kazemeini Bouroujerdi

Name: Ayatollah Mohammad Hossein Kazemeini Bouroujerdi Occupation: Clergy Date of Imprisonment: October 7, 2006 Charge: Around 30, Including moharebeh (“Enmity Towards God”); Acts Against National Security and Having Links with Anti-Revolutionaries and Spies Sentence: Eleven Years in Jail From January 2017 on medical leave from prison.
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