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Saeed Malekpour

Name: Saeed Malekpour Occupation: Software Developer Date of Imprisonment: 2008 Charge: Propaganda Against the Regime by Designing Pornographic Sites; Insulting Sanctities; Insulting the Leader and the President; and Corruption on Earth Sentence: Death Read More»

Mansoureh Behkish

Name: Mansoureh Behkish Occupation: Member of Mothers for Peace Date of Imprisonment: June 12, 2011 Charge: Assembling and Conspiring with the Intent to Harm National Security; Propaganda Against the System Sentence: Four and a Half Years Only a few months before the end of her original sentence, in February 2018 she was once again sentenced to 7.5 years in jail ... Read More»

Abdollah Momeni

Name: Abdollah Momeni Occupation: Student Activist Date of Imprisonment: June 2009 Charge: Presence at Post-Election Gatherings and Activities Against National Security Sentence: Eight Years Current Status: Released  Read More»

Nargess Mohammadi

Name: Nargess Mohammadi Occupation: Journalist Date of Imprisonment: April 21, 2012 Charge: Assembly and Collusion Against National Security; Membership in the Center for Human Rights Defenders; and Propaganda Against the Regime Sentence: Sixteen years in jail Read More»

Mahsa Amrabadi

Name: Mahsa Amrabadi Occupation: Journalist Date of Imprisonment: June 2009 Charge: Propaganda Against the Regime Sentence: Five Years, Four Suspended Current Status: Released on September 2013 Read More»