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Nonimmigrant Visas

Iranian citizens living outside of Iran should apply for nonimmigrant visas in their country of residence. In general, applicants residing in Iran may travel to and apply at any U.S. embassy or consulate that processes nonimmigrant visas. Please keep in mind, however, that U.S. Embassy Ankara, U.S. Embassy Yerevan, and U.S. Consulate General Dubai are staffed with Farsi-speaking consular officers who are most familiar with Iranian applicants and country conditions. Applicants should always check the website of the embassy or consulate at which they plan to apply for restrictions on third-country applicants or other post-specific policies.

During the visa application process, usually at the interview, an ink-free, digital fingerprint scan will be quickly taken. Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which takes additional time after the visa applicant’s interview by a Consular Officer. Visa interviews conducted in Farsi can be arranged at several locations, including:

Please visit our Global Support Services (GSS) website for complete information on applying for a nonimmigrant U.S. visa, including a directory of nonimmigrant visa categories.