Bypassing regime, U.S. delivers lifesaving medicine to Iranians

The U.S. is ensuring that cancer drugs and other lifesaving medicines reach Iranian patients, part of a broader push to support everyday Iranians and bypass the Iranian regime’s systemic corruption and financial mismanagement. The channel, developed in cooperation with the Swiss government, has already delivered at least 180,000 packages of medicine to Iran. “Iranian cancer ... Read More»

Iran has jailed 1.7 million in Tehran region, report says

  Iranian authorities arrested and imprisoned at least 1.7 million of their own people in the Tehran area over the past four decades, and many were executed, a 2019 report says. Among them: more than 5,700 members of the Baha’i religious minority and at least 860 journalists and citizen-journalists, according to Reporters Without Borders. The ... Read More»

Davood Asadi, Afarin Chitsaz, Ehsan Mazandarani, and Saman Safarzaie

Name: Davood Asadi, Afarin Chitsaz, Ehsan Mazandarani, and Ehsan Safarzaie Occupation: Journalists Date of Arrest:  November 2015 Charge: “Acting Against National Security” Sentence: 5, 10, 7 and 5 Years in Prison Respectively Saman Safrzaie was released on March 2017. Ehsan Mazandarani was released on October 2017. Afarin Chitsaz was released on January 2018.     Read More»

Ebrahim Firouzi

  Name: Ebrahim Firouzi Occupation: Unknown Date of Arrest: 7 March, 2013 Charge: “Propagating Against the Islamic Regime,” “Organizing Evangelistic Activities,” “Contact with Foreigners and Anti-Islamic Revolutionary Networks Outside the Country” Sentence: 5 Years in Prison Read More»

Rassoul Badaghi

Name: Rassoul Badaghi Occupation: Teacher and Board Member of the Iranian Teachers Association Date of Arrest: 9 September, 2009 Charge: “Attending Gatherings with the Intent to Disrupt National Security,” “Insulting Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader,” and “Propaganda Against the State” Sentence: Six Years in Jail and 5 Years Banned from Social Activities Current Status: Released Read More»

Nasrin Sotoudeh

Name: Nasrin Sotoudeh Occupation: Human Rights Lawyer Date of Imprisonment: September 2010 Charge: Propagation Activities Against the Regime; Cooperating with the Center for Human Rights Defenders; and Endangering National Security Sentence: Six Years in Prison and a Ban from the Practice of Law for Ten Years She was released from prison and then again arrested in June 2018. Read More»

Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani

Name: Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani Occupation: Religious Minority Practitioner (Gonabadi Dervish), Human Rights Activist Date of Arrest: September 4, 2011 Charge: Propaganda Against the Regime, Insulting the Supreme Leader, Agitation of the Public Consciousness, Establishment and Membership in Perverse Groups, and Disruption of the Public Order. Sentence: 10 Years and 6 Months in Prison He ... Read More»

Omid Kokabee

Name: Omid Kokabee Occupation: PhD Student in Optics at the University of Texas at Austin ِDate of Imprisonment: January 30, 2011 While Visiting Family in Iran Charges: Communicating with a Hostile Foreign Government; Receiving Illegitimate Funds Sentence: 10 Years Imprisonment Conditionally released in August 2016 Read More»

Atena Farghadani

Name: Atena Farghadani Occupation: Cartoonist, Painter. Date of Arrest: January 10, 2015 Charge: “Coolition Against the Security of the System”, “Propaganda Against the System”, “Insulting the Leader, the President and the Members of Parliament” and “Charged for Artwork Expressing Political Defiance”. Sentence: 12 Years and 9 Months in Prison She was released on June 3rd, 2016. Read More»

Mohammad Seifzadeh

Name: Mohammad Seifzadeh Occupation: Human Rights Lawyer Date of Imprisonment: October 2010 Charge: Collusion and Assembly with Intent to Disrupt Internal Security; Propagation Activities Against the Regime; and Establishing the Center for Human Rights Defenders Sentence: Nine Years in Prison and Banned from Practicing Law for 10 Years He was released in March 2016. Read More»

Hootan Dolati

Name: Hootan Dolati Occupation: Engineer, Journalist Date of Arrest: March 15, 2013 Charge: “Propaganda Against the State” and “Membership in a Banned Group” Sentence: One and a Half Years in Prison, and a Five Year Ban on Membership in Any Political Party or Social Group He was released in September 2014. Read More»

Omid Behrouzi

Name: Omid Behrouzi Occupation: Lawyer Date of Imprisonment: September 8, 2011 Charge: “Forming an Illegal Group,” “Acting Against National Security,” “Propaganda Against the Regime,” “Insulting the Leader of the Islamic Republic,” “Disturbing Public Order” Sentence: Seven and a Half Years in Prison. He was released in March 2015. Behrouzi was among the dozens of prisoners of conscience held in Evin Prison ... Read More»

Emad Bahavar

Name: Emad Bahavar Occupation: Student, Political Activist Date of Sentence: January 10, 2011 Charge: “Propaganda Against the State,” “Insulting the Supreme Leader” Sentence: Seven Years in Prison, and a Ten Year Ban on Political Activities, Media Activities, and Internet Activities He was released in December 2014. Bahavar was among the dozens of prisoners of conscience held in Evin Prison Ward 350 reported ... Read More»

Abdolreza Ghanbari

Name: Abdolreza Ghanbari Occupation: Persian Literature Teacher Date of Imprisonment: December 27, 2009 Charge: Moharebeh (“Enmity Towards God”) Through Participation in the Street Gatherings on Ashura Day and Contact with Enemy Groups Sentence: Death, as of September 2013 – Ghanbari’s Death Sentence has Reportedly Been Commuted to 10 Years Imprisonment. He was released in March 2016. Read More»

Ayatollah Mohammad Hossein Kazemeini Bouroujerdi

Name: Ayatollah Mohammad Hossein Kazemeini Bouroujerdi Occupation: Clergy Date of Imprisonment: October 7, 2006 Charge: Around 30, Including moharebeh (“Enmity Towards God”); Acts Against National Security and Having Links with Anti-Revolutionaries and Spies Sentence: Eleven Years in Jail From January 2017 on medical leave from prison. Read More»

Sayed Ziaoddin (Zia) Nabavi

Name: Sayed Ziaoddin (Zia) Nabavi Date of Imprisonment: June 2009 Occupation: Student Charge: Moharebeh (“Enmity Towards God”) Current Status: Imprisoned Sentence: 10 Years He was released in January 2018. Nabavi co-founded the Advocacy Council for the Right to Education, an organization of students barred from studying as a result of their political activities, in 2007. He was arrested shortly after Iran’s disputed ... Read More»

Bahareh Hedayat

Name: Bahareh Hedayat Occupation: Student and Women’s Rights Activist Date of Imprisonment: December 31, 2009 Charge: Insulting the Supreme Leader; Insulting the President; Actions Against National Security; Propagation of Falsehoods; and Colluding for Assembly Sentence: Seven and a Half Years Plus Two Years from a Previously Suspended Sentence She was released in September 2016. Read More»

Majid Dorri

Name: Majid Dorri Date of Imprisonment: July 9, 2009 Occupation: Student Activist Charge: Moharebeh (“Enmity Towards God”); Acting Against National Security; Disrupting Public Order; and Relations with the Mojahedin-e Khalgh Organization Current Status: Imprisoned Sentence: 6 and a Half Years He was released in June 2014. Majid Dorri is a student activist who has been ... Read More»

Masoud Bastani

Name: Masoud Bastani Date of Imprisonment: July 5, 2009 Occupation: Reformist Journalist Charge: Propagating Against the Regime and Congregating and Collusion to Create Anarchy Current Status: Imprisoned Sentence: Six Years He was released in July 2015. Husband of jailed activist Mahsa Amrabadi, Bastani is an Iranian reformist journalist. Throughout his career, he was arrested several times, most recently on July 5, 2009. ... Read More»

Kasra Nouri

Name: Kasra Nouri  Occupation: Unavailable Date of Imprisonment: March 14, 2012 Charge: “Propaganda Against the Regime”, “Acting Against National Security”, “Membership in a Deviant Group” and “Interviews with Foreign Media” Sentence: Four Years and Four Months Jail He was released in October 2016. Then again, after being arrested in the incidents of “Golestan the 7th” he was sentenced to 12 years ... Read More»

Fariba Kamalabadi, Jamaloddin Khanjani, Afif Naeimi, Saeid Rezaie, Behrouz Tavakkoli, Vahid Tizfahm, and Mahvash Sabet

Name: Fariba Kamalabadi, Jamaloddin Khanjani, Afif Naeimi, Saeid Rezaie, Behrouz Tavakkoli, Vahid Tizfahm, and Mahvash Sabet Occupation: Members of Yaran, the Coordinating Group for the Iranian Baha’i Community Date of Imprisonment: May 14, 2008 (Mahvash Sabet March 8, 2008) Charge: Espionage for Israel, Insulting Religious Sanctities, and Propaganda Against the Islamic Republic Sentence: 20 Years in jail, their sentence was later ... Read More»

Mansoureh Behkish

Name: Mansoureh Behkish Occupation: Member of Mothers for Peace Date of Imprisonment: June 12, 2011 Charge: Assembling and Conspiring with the Intent to Harm National Security; Propaganda Against the System Sentence: Four and a Half Years Only a few months before the end of her original sentence, in February 2018 she was once again sentenced to 7.5 years in jail ... Read More»
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