The Iranian Regime Continues Jamming Foreign Mediums

The Iranian regime has been jamming radio and TV signals across Iran since 2003. The scale to which the regime conducts jamming is so intense that even the Health Ministry and parliament officials openly confessed about its significant health risks. “Side effects of satellite jamming signals could lead to miscarriage and birth defects” said the Health Deputy Minister Reza Malekzadeh in 2017. Daily exposure to the regime-backed jamming can cause many health issues. This cruel practice, conducted by the regime, not only poses health concerns to the innocent Iranian people, but it also aids the government in furthering their censorship and violation of fundamental human rights. The Islamic Republic is fearful of a well-informed nation. Jamming signals, shutting down the internet, and monopolizing the Iranian broadcasting industry are only a few examples of regime’s desperate attempts to silence its people who demand free flow of information and transparency.

The Iranian regime has used satellite counter-beam jamming in the past. Nonetheless, it risked blinding neighboring satellites; further intensifying an international mishap. This practice known as “uplink jamming” is also considered illegal under international law and was condemned at the United Nations and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for that practice in 2010. Iran has repeatedly violated Articles 6.1, 45, and 48 of the ITU Constitution. Subsequently, the regime initiated newer techniques, some of which are extremely dangerous.

In addition to causing health problems, the Iranian regime conducts terrestrial jamming of AM and FM radio frequencies. Such a method interferes with emergency radio communication systems between hospitals and the police, further endangering the lives of patients and the people in need. From one neighborhood to another, specially-equipped vehicles are now used to conduct surface-level jamming. This alternative method poses immense health risks due to its use of electromagnetic emissions.

In 2017, Iranian officials warned the regime about the side effects of excessive jamming. The regime ignored these warnings and has not halted its jamming operations. This behavior is nothing but a clear indication of the regime’s failure to address the needs of its people for 41 years. Fundamental liberties, including freedom of speech, should never be suppressed by a legitimate and constitutional government.

The regime’s unconstitutional behavior continues to grow as they block the most popular social media platforms for Iranian citizens. While Iranian’s access to free internet is hindered, regime officials and their internet trolls continue to broadcast false information on the web. Regime officials show this contempt for the Iranian people when they take material from regime-blocked websites to propagate their narrative. For instance, the Guardian Council Spokesperson posted an image on his Twitter account taken from Radio Free Europe. Not only is Twitter filtered in Iran, but Iranian people’s access to Radio Free Europe is also prohibited. Sadly, the regime has been jamming and censoring mediums such as Radio Farda for more than a decade. How come Iranian officials get to have access to free information where the Iranian people do not? Is that another violation of fundamental liberties or another classic example of a hypocritical regime official?


Iranian officials have access to foreign media while Iranian people do not