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Why Virtual Embassy Tehran?

This place is for you, the Iranian People…

The Virtual Embassy Tehran, which includes this website and our USABehFarsi social media properties, is the primary official resource for the Iranian people to get information directly from the U.S. government about U.S. policy and American values and culture.  We created this platform, and work hard to keep it updated with fresh content, to provide information about travel to the U.S., educational opportunities, and our policies towards Iran and the rest of the world.  We have grown over the past few years from a simple website to a whole variety of online properties, including our USABehFarsi accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram.  This amazing growth is thanks to you, our audience.  This website is not a formal diplomatic mission, nor does it represent or describe a real U.S. Embassy accredited to the Iranian Government.  But, in the absence of direct contact, we hope it can serve as a bridge between the American and Iranian people.